Samoan food in Auckland

At Pinati's Keke Pua'a we have been around for over a decade; providing our wide range of tasty food and bun's. We offer great service and affordable price's you can always count on.


We specialise in making Keke Pua'a ( steamed and fried meat filled bun's) and our range of golden bun's. Which include the creamy mouth watering pani popo (coconut cream), german bun, banana cream, panikeke (pancake) and cinnamon stick. We also offer our combination prepacked food; including curry and rice or chop suey and rice. As well as our three combination of fried rice, egg foo yong and chow mein.

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We first opened on the 12th of December 1998 in the first part of the building which we now call our kitchen. Over the year's we have continued to grow and people have become more familiar with our food, especially our keke pua'a.Eventually we discontinued making our main food's such as mamoe falai (deep fried lamb flaps), taro and falai pi (stir fry with beans). And started to focus on our bun's; which we grew more passionately about. Now we offer a variety of golden bun's along with our kekepua'a and our reintroduced prepacked hot meals or combination foods.


Our store is hidden behind the main road of the Otahuhu shopping strip. Some may find it quite a mission to find. But once our sign is in view, you'll know you have arrived.Our store is adorned with many signs of patriotism for our country Samoa. The walls are covered in paintings of picturesque locations in Samoa and our front sign also displays a Samoan flag. The smell and sight of fresh meals, golden bun's and kekepua'a reel you in, despite the long ques at times. The moderate to loud samoan music playing in the background makes you feel at home. Even the great service and smiles you receive, leave you wanting to come back again. But certainly for the food.